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Buy Xanax to reduce stress and anxiety! Xanax is the single most prescribed psychiatric drug worldwide. Already +2500 million happy customers buy Xanax from us and we know why. It probably is the best anti-anxiety medication in the world!

Buy Xanax and end your anxiety and panic for good! If you feel you’ve tried just about everything to get rid of your worries without getting the desired results, then do not despair – we got you covered.

Pharmacy RXS has been a trusted Xanax provider for almost 20 years and we can proudly say that we are incredibly doing things rightly. With us you are in good hands!

Therefore, before you buy Xanax, we find it important that you know how this anxiety medication works, what the side effects and risks are and how you can protect yourself. We cover all this and much more in the extended article description below.


What is Xanax?

Xanax is the trade name for the drug alprazolam. It is used in the treatment of anxiety disorder and panic disorder. It is classified in to the group of benzodiazepine drugs, such as diazepam, lorazepam and clonazepam. Xanax contains analgesic, hypnotic, skeletal muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant properties. It is one of the most consumed and also misused benzodiazepines in the UK market because of its easy availability.

It contains the following chemicals; 8-chloro-1-methyl-6-phenyl-4h-s-triazalo. It may also contain some other ingredients, such as corn starch, cellulose, docusate sodium, magnesium stearate, lactose, silicon dioxide and sodium benzoate.


What is Xanax XR?

Xanax XR is nothing more than an improved form of the brand variation. Many doctors call Xanax XR the generic form of the original and their point of view is correct. Xanax XR pills are applied as smoothing mood-stabilizing and relaxing medications for removing all symptoms of depression or anxiety disorders. In some cases, Xanax XR is also recommended for treating clinical depression.


What is the difference between Xanax and Xanax XR?

Since the average market price of Xanax XR is lower compared to the brand version, most users are interested in distinctive features of these 2 preparations. There are even message boards dedicated to this topic but in fact there is only one significant difference between Xanax and Xanax XR, except price. Xanax pills are absorbed at once and start to act in few minutes after dissolving in the blood while there is certain time required for Xanax XR pills to start affecting the CNS. This means that the effect of alprazolam consumed in Xanax XR tablets will last longer. Usually one tablet of Xanax XR can substitute the strength of 3 pills of brand bars.


In which forms does Xanax come?

Alprazolam is available in the form of tablets or capsules. It has 4 types of dosage; 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 or 2 mg. it appears in three different colors, 0.5 mg is red, 1 mg is light blue and both 0.25 g and 2 mg have white colors. Xanax XR has its own colors.


What does Xanax do?

People who use this medicine recreationally, or without a prescription from a doctor, say that it makes them feel calm, relaxed and sedated. This may lead to falling asleep or passing out for a couple of hours. These effects can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and change how your body reacts to anxiety or stress.

Some people who are not used to take or who take higher doses have reported memory loss or blacking out. They said that they could not remember what happened to them. In general we can say that the effects are stronger when taking higher doses.

Why is Xanax prescribed?

This benzodiazepine is clinically proved to be an effective drug for the treatment of panic disorders; however, it can only be used for a short period of time. It is also preferred for the treatment of GAD (generalized anxiety order) and SAD (social anxiety disorder) and also other severe anxiety disorders. It is a fast-acting drug and its effects are achieved in just 1-2 hours after consumption.

It is a well-known fact that it remains one of the most popular medications for treating anxiety and depression. It is a widely applied treatment which is assigned in 90 percent of anxiety-related cases by doctors since 1970 when this drug appeared in the market. If you were diagnosed with anxiety or panic disorder and you want to overcome it as soon as possible, you probably won’t find a better antianxiety agent than this one.

Many people compare different antidepressants and benzodiazepines – the group of medication Xanax belongs to. Xanax is the best-selling benzodiazepine UK and is considered the most powerful antidepressant used for treating panic attacks, phobias, certain anxiety-related depressions and even insomnia.


Usage of Xanax for panic disorders

Panic attacks can be noticed by symptoms of unexplained fear or excessive panic such as pain in chest, nausea, sweating, fear to die, palpitations or difficulties in breathing. It is recommended to seek medical assistance because these signs can also be symptoms of a developing disorder.

To treat such condition, you can start using 1mg of Xanax (in 2-3 equal shares within a day) during 3 weeks and then visit your therapist to find out if the medication helps to cope with the symptoms and overcome panic attacks.


Usage of Xanax for anxiety disorder

Traditionally doctors recommend using it for anxiety and depression. You can easily recognize disorders. They are characterized by overwhelming feelings of worry despite the lifestyle’s circumstances. Besides that, they can last for more than half of a year. Other symptoms of anxiety and depression are tension of muscles, increased heart rate, dry mouth, diarrhea, restlessness, excessive sleepiness, irritability and frequent urination. In combination all these symptoms can be signs of the developing of an anxiety disorder.

Start to treat it with 1mg daily dose of Xanax (take one 0.5mg pill twice per day). The maximum dosage should not exceed 2mg per day. It is preferable to visit a doctor to monitor your condition during the first two weeks of therapy.


Usage of Xanax for SAD

This medication can also serve as a powerful therapy for curing the symptoms of social anxiety disorder or SAD. According to statistical data, more than 13 percent of the world’s population suffer from this kind of the generalized anxiety disorder. It is characterized by severe and persistent symptoms as fear of having eye contact, fear of talking to strangers, strong anxiety about being humiliated, panic about upcoming events where a person will have to meet new people or see new places.

To avoid these emotional and even physical symptoms of SAD it is recommended to take 2mg of Xanax pills per day during 3 months.


Usage of Xanax for bipolar disorder

Like most benzodiazepines it is recommended as the efficacious treatment for bipolar disorders. It is considered as one of the most serious anxiety-related diseases characterized by extreme mood swings and manic depression.

Next to Xanax, Klonopin can also be used for anxiety treatment. They are practically identical, but Xanax is definitely more effective than Klonopin when there is the need for a more safe and powerful mood-stabilizing drug for patients with bipolar disorder.


Other off-label uses of Xanax pills

Despite its traditional uses you can equally apply this benzodiazepine for anxiety and insomnia since this medication works flawlessly as sleeping pills (one of the most popular “off-label” uses). In addition to insomnia this medication is consumed to get rid of such partially physical and psychological disorders as:

  • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder
  • Agitation
  • Fibromyalgia


The dosage varies depending on the severity of the disorder and individual peculiarities of the patient. For instance, you can buy 1mg pills of Xanax and take one bar per day to treat fibromyalgia, while for treating anxiety you should exceed the daily dosage to 2 mg.

This medicine is quite effective in the fight against multiple anxiety-related disorders. If you use this medication properly you will manage to cope with your anxiety or panic attacks for a long period of time.


What are the side effects of Xanax?

It is one of the strongest benzodiazepines – a class of drugs that slow the nervous system, causing calm and relaxation. And it works fast, and seems to have limited side effects. Not surprisingly, it is very popular, used even by people who seem the most successful and least in need. Unfortunately, its long-term use can lead to serious problems. Benzodiazepines are best to use for short-term care concerns, and general support for the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders. Otherwise you risk getting serious side effects.


The most widespread Xanax side effects

This medication can cause excessive sedation, memory problems, and depression and can even make things worse. It can interact with alcohol which is dangerous, since both are sedatives.

Long-term use is associated with small cognitive damage. This means that it will lead to a reduction potential of intelligence and the ability to pay attention and concentrate. It can also cause memory loss.

Regarding the physical negative consequences, the side effects are less than earlier drugs such as with barbituric medicines.


Xanax side effects and efficacy potential

This benzodiazepine is very good in the fight against anxiety. Therefore, it makes sense to use it for short-term insomnia due to anxiety, and short-term management of anxiety. On the other hand, other drugs are best for certain types of short-term concerns, as well as stage fright.

It can be used for panic and anxiety disorders, and showed some ability to work under those conditions – but there may be better options that take more time to work. SSRIs can work better and with less risk, and therefore are the typically a recommended treatment. Also, it is important not to forget about the importance of exercise and therapy for treating these conditions with no side effects.


Drug addiction and withdrawal as severe Xanax side effects

You can use this medication for a long period of time for the treatment of anxiety, unpleasant thoughts and disorientation. Rarer but more serious problems are overdose, addiction, seizures and psychosis.

It can also cause severe depression, if a person stops taking it suddenly after a long-term use. It is also being used for recreational purposes by drug addicts, such as mixing it up with drugs like marijuana, heroin or alcohol to increase the effects of these drugs, which is very harmful for your health.

One of the biggest misconceptions amongst drug abusers and addicts is that their actions affect no one other than themselves. While drug addiction does affect the user both physically and mentally, family members and friends are also deeply affected by the addict.

It can cause mental and physical strain on family members and create a hostile home environment as well. It does not matter if the individual’s drug of choice is a narcotic, street drug, alcohol or even a prescription drug, there is effects on everyone around the addict.

Often, patients will alter the doctor’s instructions and increase their intake without seeking medical advice. It can take more than 24 hours for this medication to leave the bloodstream, so if a person is increasing their dosage, a tolerance will build up and a addiction can occur. Patients no longer take the drug to combat symptoms of anxiety or other panic disorders but instead do so to feel normal.


Xanax addiction symptoms can be:

  • Suicidal feelings
  • Depression
  • Agitation and hostile feelings


This can make interactions with other people very difficult. Provided is some of the ways a person’s addiction can affect their loved ones.


Can I overdose on Xanax?

A Xanax overdose is unlikely, but certainly possible, especially if you take this benzodiazepine with other drugs or medications. Most overdoses happen in combination with opioid pain medications. Mixing alcohol with Xanax can also be fatal.

If you overdose on Xanax, you may experience severe side effects. Even if the side effects are mild, it’s certainly advisable to search for medical help.


Symptoms of Xanax overdose may include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Altered mental state
  • Slurred speech
  • Feeling confused
  • Bad coordination
  • Reduced reflexes
  • Coma
  • Death

Benzodiazepines should never be taken outside of the watchful eye of a doctor or healthcare professional. Even then, you should be carefully when you take it. Do not mix it with other drugs or alcohol. Alprazolam is a psychoactive substance that can easily lead to abuse. Recreational, and so nonmedical use, can be risky and might even lead to a potentially life-threatening overdose.


What are the precautions regarding Xanax?

Long term use can cause addiction problems. It also contains some side effects. Special precaution is required, if you have narrow-angle glaucoma, liver disease, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, alcohol addiction or allergy to any benzodiazepine drugs, as it can worsen your condition.

Also, special care is required before providing it to children younger than 18 or elderly people. Like all other benzodiazepine drugs, it may have some side effects, such as sleepiness, dizziness, blurred vision, a slow heartbeat, difficulty to talk or walk and unconsciousness. These effects may occur especially in elderly people. Do not drive or do anything that may require a person to be alert. Pregnant women should avoid taking benzodiazepines during pregnancy, as it can cause defects in the baby, such as physical malformation, respiratory problems or withdrawal symptoms. It should also be avoided by women who are nursing a baby, as it can get transferred through breast milk. Avoid alcohol when taking Xanax as this drug can increase the effects of alcohol in your body.

Keep it stored at room temperature away from heat and moisture. It should be consumed accordingly to your doctor’s direction, although you can buy Xanax without prescription. Discuss everything with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before taking it. Do not take more than prescribed to you. Do not overdose or increase or decrease the amount of dosage by yourself. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember.

Avoid mixing up it with other drugs as it can cause negative interaction especially with other analgesic drugs. Drug interaction is very dangerous for your health. Keep it secure from other people and children.


Can I buy Xanax online?

There is no more need to visit a healthcare provider or the nearest pharmacy and explain why you want to buy Xanax as we offer an all in one online solution. The internet has become the source to buy Xanax online. Web pharmacies as ours offer to buy Xanax online in various strengths. Making the choice to buy Xanax from our internet pharmacy is the right decision if you cherish comfort and high-quality services of the Internet shopping. Confidentiality of your personal data and the contents of your online order are guaranteed.


Can I buy Xanax without prescription?

These days when practically everyone owns a personal computer there are a lot of options available to buy Xanax online without prescription and without any problems. While sitting in your comfortable chair you can make an order and, in few days, get the original brand pills or the cheaper (not less effective) generic version alprazolam which is also based on the main active ingredient. We make sure that you will get your order with Xanax bars as soon as possible. As well we guarantee that your parcel’s content and your personal data will remain confidential.


Up to you…

Living with anxiety can be distressing. Luckily you don’t have to go through that anymore! All you need is a little Xanax and you will be flawlessly ever after. Buy Xanax and start living limitless!

Pharmacy RXS is a full-service pharmacy that delivers all kinds of medicines to your door, seven days a week. What makes us different from other pharmacies? We simply try harder! On top of that we ensure privacy and discretion when you buy Xanax from us. What happens here, stays here.

Whether you are looking to buy Xanax 0.25mg, 0.5mg, 1mg or 2 mg – we have exactly what you are looking for! We care enough to only send THE VERY BEST!

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4.58 average based on 12 ratings.
  1. Desislava

    I have used Xanax since 1996. I love it. It has saved my life so many times, I can’t count. I have gone through different times in my life, where I had to take 9mgs a day just to survive the panic attacks. My attacks come in cycles. I have had them since 7 years old and I am now 39. I am so tired of them and feeling them. I had a big one today as a matter of fact. I am going through withdrawl of getting off of Lexapro. I am never without my Xanax though. Simply carrying it around helps keep off the panic attacks sometimes. If I hadn’t had it, I would have been put away or had killed myself long ago, because having panic attacks is no way to live.

  2. John

    Xanax have helped me to calm down. I was really under stress (full time job, college every day, a small baby) but did not realize that at the time. I had some visual disturbances, especially when, finally, I could relax. I have experienced chest pains as well. My GP told me it is caused by stress and prescribed Xanax. I had to take the smallest dose at night (I was driving). I could see the difference after a month and I continued for one more month. I did not suffer any side effects.

  3. Selena

    Hi everyone my name is Sheila. I am an x-Xanax taker. I have been taking xanax 4 3yrs. I was on 5 1mg a day perscribed by my doc. I loved my blue footballs (thats what we called them on the streets)Anyway you need to know they r very addictive. I relied on them for everything they were my life. I had to make a choice Xanax or my life. Xanax controlled me i didnt have control of it. I would get 150 a month prescibed by my doc. It wasnt enough. I found them on the streets that would hold me over until my refill. I would take them for anything when i got nervous,when i was going out, driving and just because. I was taking them so i would not get any attacks. I thought if i just keep taking them those evil attacks wouldnt come. My Doc. would not help me get off of them He just wanted my money and for me to keep coming. I really wanted help. It got to the point where my six yr. old would look at me and say mom why do you look look like that. He was talking about my eyes they always looked like i was high. I was so upset that i had to do something. My doc would not help me so i went to my dad and he was willing to help me. I gave him my pills to him and he started braking them down and eventually was down to a 16th of a pill.(that was nothing)and just stopped taking them. I found me another doc. and she was so worried that i have been taking that much and was surprised that my doc. still had a job. She put me on paxil and i feel so much better my moods and anxiety are controlled by me. I dont have those attacks anymore. So to all the people who are on xanax please try to find something non-addictive there are some out there(prozac,paxil)So here I am 25yrs. old and bright eyed. living healthy and my son couldnt be happier.Oh ya Ive been off xanax for 3 months. and dont even want them.

  4. Deborah

    About six months ago I went to the hospital with what I thought was a heart attack. I’m only 24 and I’ve never had any serious health problems. At the time, I was a few months away from mairrage and a surgery which had been stressing me a bit, but not overwhelmingly. Anyway, I came home from work one day and felt terrible. Then…out of nowhere…my heart let off several massive beats and a feeling of numbness and dizziness swept over me…kind of like I was in a completely different state. Not ever having experienced this, I panicked and went to the ER….by the time I got in the ambulance my limbs were numb and i had a terrible pain in my upper abdominals…I went through a series of tests at the hospital and everything came back normal except that my pottasium was low. This made sense becuase I had worked 12 hours that day and was surely dehydrated and pourly nourished. I believe the final diagnosis was indeed a panic attack. In the days following…the feeling returned….although never that intense. But it would sort of build up during the day and then a few times I would snap into “panic mode”…which if you haven’t had it, is like someone flipping a switch and then all of the sudden you’re in an awful, indescribable state. To shorten this up I’ll get to the point. Eventually I went to a psychiatrist who seemed overwhelmingly convinced that I did infact have panice disorder. My current state is this. I take xanx every day and when I’m on it, I never have symptoms. When it leaves my system after about 10 or 12 hours, I begin to feel dizzy and as time goes on, it seems like my cognitive abilities go more and more downhill, until I get to the point where i feel like I could have an attack. Now ordinarily, this discomfort compells me to take another xanx, and then 20 minutes later, i’m fine again. My concern is that there is never a time when the xanax wheres off and I feel normal. Whether I’m thinking about it or not…when that chemical leaves my system, the symptoms start in. There was one time that I left my prescription out of town and didn’t have access to it for 48 hours. By the time I got it, I was in a ridiculously pathetic state. I don’t know what would happen if I just stopped taking it, but with work and now grad school, I haven’t had the luxury of testing that out. Has anyone else had similar experiences? I would appreciate any and all thoughts on the matter.

  5. Randy

    This stuff just blew me away with its effectiveness. I never realized how much anxiety I had on a daily basis until I took one of these little wonders. I don’t take it unless absolutely necessary, but it has given me the ability to remain calm and patient in the face of life’s day to day challenges. As a Mom, this is very important to me because I want to be a good example for her. I don’t want to fly off the handle or lose my breath with an anxiety attack every time something happens. She does not need to experience my innate ability to become overwhelmed at the drop of a hat. And I don’t deserve to live that way. I highly recommend this!

    My doctor initially prescribed me with this to be taken three times a day because my anxiety was nearly debilitating. But I have found that it makes me extremely sleepy when I am not feeling anxious, and therefore I take it on an as-needed basis. It is fast-acting, usually working within 20 minutes of ingesting.

  6. Sheila

    I can sympathize with what you are going through. I went through the same thing. My only comfort came was when I completely got off the drug xanax. And that took a while. I had to be hospitalized.I would take one and it seemed like it didn’t do any good, and then I would pop another. This went on for about 4 months. I got to the place I was so paranoid, I couldn’t even ride in a car. I would stay in bed all day wondering what was happening to me. My son finally told me I needed to get off xanax. They took to the hospital and that was when I was in for the ride of my life. I am not trying to scare you but I’m not going to lie to you either. Before I went to the hospital, I was running to the ER all the time, I was in constant panic. Horrible, I had never felt like that in my life. It was all xanax. After I got over the withdrawal, I was fine. No more panic attacks. And I also had severe depression with it. Nobody knows unless they go through it theirselves. NOBODY.

  7. Dimi

    It still helps me with panic attacks, and anxiety. It has been the best med. i have been on… for me, its the only one that works.,no side effects i have experienced. It has saved my life.

  8. Erin

    Yes, xanax works immediately to calm me down. It is very effective. Although I went through a time when my panic attacks were extremely severe, I did find times which it did not work as well. But I find that xanax was most effective.

  9. Grace

    Long before I was put on Xanax on a regular basis, a couple tablets may have saved my sanity. It was some 20 years ago after a hard fight to keep my marriage together, nothing I tried worked. I was emotionally a wreck. I could not sleep, think and many times I just paced the floor.

    I finally went to an MD for relief. I started to tell him my symptoms. Before I the second sentence came out of my mouth he reached for his Rx pad and began to write. He handed me a script for Xanax as I was saying…”But…but….but you haven’t heard my story.” I took a whole tab that night and slept like a baby (no I didn’t wet my diaper). I took a half a tab the next day which put me back on track. That was it until years later when my shrink put me on it for panic attacks. I was taking it every day as needed for high anxiety and panic attacks. It helped kick butt.

    On the down side, I found my focus being more like a tunnel vision. I became a lot less aware of my surroundings. I felt I was stepping back from life. I thought it was the drug. I know now that by taking any anxiety med, I do feel withdrawn, awareness dulled. Hey, maybe over awareness and too much stimuli may be part of the root problem.

    I was on Xanax 2,3, or 4 times a day for a little over a year. When I discovered how addictive it was, I asked for an alternative. My shrink replaced it with a more selective drug he was excited about…Klonopin. I was happy. I am still on Klonopin. Unfortunately, it is addictive also, but it sure works.

  10. Benn Krohman

    I am looking for 1Mg Xanax. Approximately 100. It must be shipped from Canada, the USA or UK to Canada preferably, Canada Post USPS or Royal Mail as anything else gets picked up by customs.
    Please let me know.

  11. Carla Kenyon
    (verified owner)

    Xanax reduces my stress, anxiety and PTSD. It imperative one does their research and understand p, for some the only a variable in one’s mental health care. Watch for symptoms and signs. It you fell you want to wean off please to it with monitoring

  12. Carla Kenyon
    (verified owner)

    I suffer from anxiety, social isolation and PTSD. Xanax helps to bring it back in to balance. To feel somewhat human again.

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