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What is Carisoprodol?

Carisoprodol, or as it is known by its brand names, Soma, CariSoma and Vanadol is a prescription-based muscle relaxant that most doctor’s will recommend to anyone who have muscle pain, stiff or strained muscles or any other form of muscle discomfort. It is a good supplement to massages and relaxing exercises. Carisoprodol acts by blocking the sensations of pain in your nerves. It is available in 350 mg tablets.


What is Carisoprodol used for?

The drug is prescribed widely as it can help alleviate pain from muscles, soreness in the muscles, and any kind of muscle injuries which are usually faced by athletes and those who train their body too much. Some persons may be required to take this drug quite often, which they may not be able to do if they do not have insurance cover to afford the medication.


How does Carisoprodol work?

The drug numbs pain and may also slow the functioning of the brain and signal transmission to other body parts. This may hence cause drowsiness/dizziness, fatigue, reduced breathing and heart rate etc. Effects of these drugs may be amplified by the presence of other painkillers and cough suppressants because these other drugs also slow the brain and central nervous system functions.


How are the Carisoprodol side effects?

Medicines and side effects go hand in hand. Be it minimal or severe, every medicine has its list of side effects. And so is the case with carisoprodol—one of the most common and widely used drug for providing relief from muscle pains, sprains, starins, spasms, and pulls. The list of carisoprodol side effects is big because there are many side effects of this medicine, ranging from minimal to severe.

The list of carisoprodol side effects starts with the most common side effects that generally accompany any medicine. These side effects include headache, dizziness, drowsiness, vomiting among others. Other specific side effects comprise fast heartbeat, variations in body blood pressure (usually low blood pressure), face flushing, etc. This list of less-serious side effects also include depression, blurred vision, irritable feeling, sleeping problems, upset stomach, hiccups, nausea, among many others. All these side effects mentioned are extremely mild in nature. These side effects either do not require any medical treatment or can easily be treated through very simple, cost-effective ways.

In addition to these common, mild side effects, there are many carisoprodol side effects that are serious in nature and lead to a permanent abnormal state of the body or even death in many cases. Such severe side effects of the medicine include fainting, light-headed feeling, fast heartbeat, convulsions or seizures, lack of co-ordination among the organs of the body, extreme weakness, extreme lethargy, permanent or temporary loss of vision, confusion, agitation, and paralysis (or loss of feeling) in some patients. If any such severe, life-threatening side effects are noticed in the body of the patient, he or she should stop using this drug immediately and consult a medical practitioner.

Additionally, severe allergic reactions have also been noticed as some very strong carisoprodol side effects. Some of these allergic reactions include rashes, severe redness of the skin, swelling, itching, patching of the skin (especially neck, tongue and face), etc. Because one of the main constituents of this medicine is a strong sedative, feeling dizzy and getting a sleeping sensation in the day time after taking the medicine is very normal and cannot be considered a side effect. In case a patient feels strong dizziness in the day time, he or she should stop taking the medicine during the day and restrict it to only before bed time.

There may also be cases when any of the mild carisoprodol side effects is neglected and it persists for a long time. In such a case, the mild side effect can give rise to a severe problem, worsening the condition of the patient. Thus, contacting medical practitioner in case of any side effect is most recommended.


What is the Carisoprodol dosage?

Take it as your doctor has prescribed it. This usually means that if you are an adult without any kidney or liver diseases you will have to take 250-350 mg 3 times/day. Children around 12 and people over 65 can be given a lesser dose. If your dose is inadequate, the doctor can increase it or decrease it according to your needs. Don’t attempt to do this on your own! Of course, take it with a glass of water as most medications. One pill containing the drug Carisoprodol should work between 4 and 6 hours and it starts to act almost immediately.


Can I overdose on Carisoprodol?

An overdose on carisoprodol occurs when the amount of the drug in the system reaches lethal levels and the body and mind cannot handle its effects. This may be caused by a very high dose intake of the drug, frequent intake of the drug- which lead to the drug accumulation as the body is not given time to eliminate former amounts of the drugs- and taking the drug with other drugs that blow its side effects out of proportion.

Overdose symptoms may include complete numbness, reduced or stopped breathing, hallucinations, seizures and losing consciousness among others. Report all overdose cases immediately to qualified medical personnel.


Is Carisoprodol addictive?

This drug, like other depressants drugs which induce drowsiness and numb pain, is abused by people for its effects. Those abusing it aim at maximizing its effects, hence taking it without or against prescription (taking higher quantities, in higher frequencies than instructed and with other drugs that amplify its effects).

Carisoprodol is habit forming and any prolonged intake (use/ abuse) and especially abuse – because it is unregulated intake – can cause addiction. Addiction is a compulsion for the continued intake of the drug which is both physical and mental and is characterized by withdrawal symptoms.


What are the precautions regarding Carisoprodol?

The drug induces drowsiness and affects thinking. One should always refrain from running activities that need their full concentration when under its medication

Carisoprodol may affect unborn babies or breastfeeding ones. Pregnant women or those planning to get pregnant before their treatment is over as well as breastfeeding mothers should tell their doctors before they get this drug prescription

People with liver or kidney diseases as well as those who may suffer from any type of seizure episodes should inform their doctor before they get carisoprodol medication so that the doctors may know whether to keep them off the drug completely or adjust their dosages

One should always tell their doctor of any other medication they are taking and never start on any new medication (without informing their doctor) as carisoprodol interacts with other drugs adversely; especially drugs that slow the body function and induce drowsiness

One should keep off alcohol as it may intensify the drowsiness induced by carisoprodol

After a prolonged intake of this drug, one should not attempt to quit the drug immediately as this might cause withdrawal symptoms. Rather, one should start quitting the drug gradually; by reducing the amount of the drug they take until they completely drop it

Never take more than the prescribed dose at any given time in effort to make up for missed doses


Why should I buy Carisoprodol online?

Online pharmacies offer a better way of saving money as you get the same quality medication as brick and mortar drugstores but at a very low price. Once you have decided to buy Soma online, you should also know the right way of doing so.

Once you’ve found the right place online, you will see that the cost of Soma works out very cheaply. You even have the choice of express delivery so that you can receive the muscle relaxer quickly. Order the medication in bulk to enjoy the benefit of higher discounts. You can also use an exclusive Soma online pharmacy if you are looking for better discounts. The online pharmacy staff would also be able to handle any query through live chat, mail or call. Enjoy greater cost savings and other related benefits when you order this medication online.


Which things should know before you buy Carisoprodol online?

To be on the safer side, it is always best to confabulate with your medical expert, as he would be extending his warm advice for you about the basics of the drug and would suggest you the precise dose based on your medical history and health conditions.  Taking the right dosage is one of the most important things to be considered after consulting your health care professional.  No changes can be made in the dosage level without the consent of the medical expert.

However, there are many side effects of Soma if you don’t know how much your body requires the drug. You may face some allergies, extreme weakness, loss of sight, anxious stimulation or tremor, loss of consciousness, or paralysis. Moreover, there are some indications such as hyper-responsiveness which can tell you that the dose you are taking is not correct.


Over to you…

Anyone who is suffering from depression knows how hard it can be to deal with these things without the help of some prescription medication. At Pharmacy RXS we believe that everyone has the right to access safe and effective medication.

Buy Soma when you need it and where you need. No prescription? No problem! We give it to you straight!

Whether you are looking to buy Soma with or Soma without prescription – we have exactly what you are looking for! Start living worriless and buy Soma online now!

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