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Also searching for an online pharmacy to buy Ritalin from? Then you probably know that this smart drug can improve your alertness and concentration. It is not for nothing that this nootropic is number 1 among students in the UK and the US. People that buy Ritalin know that it is the Real Limitless Drug in action.

However, before you also start to buy Ritalin, it is important that you know how it works, what the side effects are and what the right dose is for you. We cover all this and much more in the article below.

One thing is certain; if you buy Ritalin online and start using it, you will increase your chances of success considerably!


What is Ritalin?

Atomoxetine, also known under its brand name Strattera, is a selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor drug, or simply antidepressant. Though, its uses have been approved mostly for the treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Strattera can be used in children starting from six years old, but also for adults, and is relatively safe and effective.

Atomoxetine is obtainable in the form of hydrochloride salt of Atomoxetine. Atomoxetine is a drug approved by United States Food and Drug Administration for the healing of ADHD. This drug is sold by Eli Lily and Company in the markets all over the world. Till date, there are no generic drugs available for Atomoxetine as it is under the patent till the year 2017.


Is there generic Ritalin?

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Adminstration), there are no notable differences between the Strattera and generic Ritalin. They are both sold most commonly in 5mg, 10mg, 15mg and 20mg doses. The Brand name Ritalin is made by Novartis (Ciba-Geigy). The most common manufacturers of generic Ritalin are Mallinckrodt, Inc and Activis Elizabeth. Generic Ritalin SR and LA extended release tablets are available as well.

The FDA uses a merit system, assigning generic equivalent drugs an “AB” marking if they meet the same standards of the brand version. All current generic Ritalin tablets available on the market today are given an AB rating. If a drug is unrecognized by the FDA, it is a good idea to avoid it altogether, no matter how alluring the price may be.

Typically generic Ritalin costs less and is more commonly prescribed. Most doctors switch drugs entirely, rather than switching from different types of the same drug. When buying Ritalin online, most pharmacies sell whatever is the cheaper of the two, which is commonly the generic version.


What does Ritalin for adults do?

Ritalin is most commonly prescribed to children with Attention Deficit Disorder, but it can also be used by adults. The effects of Ritalin on adults can be quite different from the effects on children. Strattera is sometimes prescribed to treat depression, for instance, because it has a stimulative effect that is in opposition to the calming effects the drug has on hyperactive kids. Paradoxically, perhaps, when used by adults this stimulant can actually create a feeling of hyperactivity. The danger is that this effect can wear off over time.


Weight loss

One of the most common side effects of Ritalin use is the loss of appetite. When the loss of appetite is combined with the rush of energy that is normally experienced, it very often leads to weight loss. In some people this weight loss can be quite drastic. The danger inherent in this side effect is that as people realize they can more easily lose weight while on Strattera, they may begin to lose too much weight. Further complicating the issue is losing too much weight too fast to be healthy.



Some people experience chronic headaches when they begin taking this stimulant. These headaches may be worsened with caffeine ingestion. First try cutting back on caffeine and if this does not reduce the occurrence of headaches, try cutting down on the dose. If the headaches continue, it may be necessary to quite taking the Ritalin.



It is important to remember that in adults Ritalin usually has a stimulant effect. This means you should avoid taking your dose close to bedtime. Just how close to bedtime you can take Ritalin without it effecting sleep will depend on the individual. However, even if you miss a dose, it is better to go ahead and skip it than to take it late in the afternoon or the evening especially.



Eventually, most adults will reach a point where the energy rush of Ritalin begins to wear off. The addiction to that good feeling and overwhelming energy and focus can become overwhelming. As a result, once the effects of the drug begin to ramp down, there is a tendency among some to try out increasing the dosage to get back the lost effects. For some people, the addiction can grow so great that they even begin crushing the pills and snorting them.


Anxiety and blood pressure

Taking too high a dose of Ritalin can lead to feelings of anxiety. Although extended release versions of Strattera are available, most people still take it in two separate doses each day. Taking these two doses too close together can also produce feeling of anxiety. Along with anxiety, it is not unusual for some people to experience an increase in blood pressure.


How does Ritalin work?

This stimulant is meant to help a child and sometimes even an adult overcome the hyperactivity and inattention that a person has to deal with. The main aspect of the Strattera is the fact that it stops all of the movements done to the brain that causes somebody to act normally. The best way to feel better is by simply following this product. Th great stimulant is what many children use, and anybody can learn to overcome the ADHD symptoms.


How long does Ritalin last?

It takes about 20-30 minutes after intake the feel the effects of Ritalin. The peak effects are typically felt quickly. Immediate release tablets are effective for 3 hours while the extended release tablets can stay effective for up to 8 hours. The stimulant increases certain functions and processes of the central nervous system such as concentration.


Is Ritalin effective?

It is most definitely safe to intake. Many people have found results to be wonderful in their case of ADHD. Each person feels and cooperates differently when using this stimulant. The body doesn’t always react correctly, but the symptoms are usually overcome easily with no hard work.


What is the Ritalin dosage?

The Ritalin dosage is different for adults than for kids. For example, if a child suffers from narcolepsy he/she has to start with dose of 10 mg per day which is divided into two portions. The child should take the medicine before eating, for example, before breakfast and before lunch. The maximum dosage of Ritalin for kids is 60 mg. The situation is different when we are talking about adults. They are supposed to start taking 20-30 mg of Ritalin every day. The daily dosage has to be divided into two or three portions, according to the opinion of the doctor. The exact maximum dose of Ritalin is not defined, but according to the opinion of people who are dealing with this drug, patients are not supposed to take more than 80 mg per day.

As a mentioned, Strattera is a psychological stimulant which means that if this drug is taken in excessive amounts it can cause problems. When someone is taking more than 60 mg if he or she is a child or more than 80 mg if it is an adult, symptoms of a Ritalin overdose can appear. The most frequent symptoms of an overdose include muscle pain, rapid breathing, seizures, confusion, hallucinations etc. If you observe these symptoms you should inform your doctor immediately and go to the emergency room.


What are the Ritalin side effects?

Before you are going to buy Ritalin, it is important that you are aware of the side effects. There are many people who can sometimes feel or deal with suicidal thoughts. Having to deal with those thoughts can sometimes be creepy, since not all kinds of people can go through it all. Four out of one hundred people dealt with suicidal thoughts. While this can be dangerous, it is vital to look out and see what is best for a child or adult to do. For some, it is better to try this and see what happens rather than not trying it out at all. It is worth it to buy Strattera.


Is Ritalin as effective as what most people say?

Ultimately, it is one of the best kinds of stimulants around. It is meant to help anybody stop the unfocused mindset. These who really need some help should consider using this. It may not be a miracle worker, as there are potential side effects involved but anybody who wants to feel good should use this. It was designed to be for both adults and children. It is as effective as most people say, but it is best to ask professional doctors on their opinion.

The ingredients inside help ensure that it is safe and good to use. Most people feel some type of difficulty in terms of how they will overcome any type of disorder like ADHD. Anybody who needs help with ADHD should buy Strattera today to help overcome this difficult condition that it not easy to beat out.


What are the precautions regarding Ritalin?

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Any women who are planning to become pregnant, pregnant or nursing should refrain from using this stimulant. It is not known if the drug is dangerous for an unborn baby or can pass through breast milk to the infant. Any woman planning on becoming pregnant while using methylphenidate needs to discuss her plans with her physician ahead of time.

  • Drinking

People who drink should almost never use this medicine. This is because alcohol increases the stimulant effect of methylphenidate. As a result, a person can lose the ability to concentrate, become jittery and highly irritable. Simple tasks such as driving a car, operating machinery, riding a bicycle and many others can become dangerous. Since Ritalin can also be abused people with alcohol problems are more likely to abuse Ritalin than those who do not drink.


Can I buy Ritalin online?

Ritalin can be bought at specialized, retail and online pharmacies as ours. Our online pharmacy offers many medications approved and certified in the U.K. We provide only quality and trustworthy drugs directly for the manufacturer from which we ensure the quality. You can as well buy Ritalin online at our pharmacy.


Why should I buy Ritalin online?

Convenience of Ritalin purchase at online pharmacy is obvious. When you buy Ritalin online you will see that is not only easy, but also profitable as you save not only money, but also valuable time. When you buy Ritalin from our reputable pharmacy in the U.K. you can also take advantage  from the following:

  • Confidentiality of your purchase and a guarantee of the personal data protection;
  • Different payment methods and options for delivery;
  • Different pharmaceutical forms of Ritalin (tablets/capsules);
  • Free pharmacist’s consultation;
  • Reliable information about the medicine and precautions in its application;
  • Round the clock feedback.


Can I buy Ritalin without prescription?

You want to buy Ritalin without prescription, but you have no idea where to start? Then you have found the best address on the Internet. With us you have the possibility to buy Ritalin online simply and anonymously and have it delivered to your home. Many customers want to buy Ritalin but do not want to go to the doctor for every new prescription.

Order Ritalin without a prescription today when you no longer want to wait in the doctor’s office. You already know exactly what kind of Ritalin you need and want to save yourself the unnecessary waiting time? Then you have come to the right online pharmacy.
You can buy Ritalin without a prescription on pharmacyrxs.com. In our shop we sell exactly Ritalin pills as the ones that can be found in pharmacies. Ritalin contains the active ingredient methylphenidate. This is often used in ADHS and ensures that concentration improves. It also suppresses hyperactivity.


Over to you…

If you have any questions about the medicine or making an order online you can always contact us through live chat, email or our contact page 24 hours a day.

Also got convinced that this ADHD drug can improve your concentration AND study results? Well, why should you wait to buy Ritalin then? Got still more questions? Just hit us up in the comment section below.

Help all of your class and study mates get great results and let them know everything about this wonderful nootropic and smart drug by sharing it on your social media channels!

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